Ginza Yanagi Gallery is a Japanese art gallery located in the heart of Tokyo. Since our foundation in 1994, we have been committed to the prosperity of the Japanese and international arts.
Our mission is to introduce talented Japanese artists to the world as well as dealing with world renowned masterpieces to enrich the experience of those whom we serve.
We take pride in our service to help you enjoy fine arts in your daily life.

Past exhibitions at Ginza Yanagi Gallery

Kenji Yamamoto's Exhibition

We hold Kenji Yamamoto's Exhibition from October 28th to November 6th (2010)

Minoru Hirota's pastel drawing exhibition

We hold Pastel Drawing Exhibition of Minoru Hirota from May 28th to June 12th (2010)

• Ryohei Koiso's Exhibition

Ginza Yanagi Gallery hold an exhibition of Ryohei Koiso's prints from Febuary 1st ~ 27th.

Christmas Art Festa

We hold "Christmas Art Festa" from Dec 18th to 25th. We invite you to come pick out your holiday gifts here!

• Bargain Sale

We hold a Bargain Sale from Feb 17th to Feb 28th
We offer 50-80% off on our selected artworks such as Cottavoz, Cathlin, Cassigneul and more.

Ryohei Koiso Exhibition

 We hold Koiso' exhibition from January 19th to 30th at Ginza Yanagi Gallery.

Minoru Agata Exhibition

 We hold Minoru Agata's exhibition from December 10th to 22nd at Ginza Yanagi Gallery.

Ginza Art Management Seminar with Minoru Agata is on December 20th (19:00-21:00).

*his talk is in Japanese.

Darius exhibition

  We hold Darius' exhibition from November 1st to 12th at Ginza Yanagi Gallery.

Tatsuo Shimamura Exhibition

   Now you can order his exhibition catalogue online.

  • Minoru Hirota's Pastel Drawing Exhibition (May 30th to June 14th)

Minoru Hirota's catalogues are now available!


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