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We send our catalogs overseas through the mail as "printed matters". Please check Japan Post for rates and delivery dates. (the site available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese)

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「Tatsuo Shimamura Catalogue 2008」 new!
 48 color pages, 60 art works, 80 pages in total
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「Minoru Hirota Catalogue - Drawing Figures in Pastel」 new!
 60 drawings in 48 color pages, essays included, total 80 pages

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広田稔 「Dance Lesson」 油彩 10P 「Minoru Hirota Catalogue」
  Hirota Minoru Catalogue 2001-2006

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岡野博作品集カタログ2007年度版 画像 「Hiroshi Okano Catalogue」
  This is Okano's catalogue from 2007.

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「Nobuyuki Shimamura Catalogue」
 This is Nobuyuki Shimamura's catalogue.

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「竹原祥司」作品集販売のお知らせ画像 「Shoji Takehara Catalogue」 new!

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